Friday, December 18, 2009

Vote No to Gun Control!

Guns need to be fought for. Every American should agree with this statement. if you do not, perhaps you should ask yourself why you do not agree. Maybe it is because you do not know all the information. All the information is only a click away. All the good things about guns can easily be seen at If that's still not enough information, you can take a look at your constitution. If you do not have a copy handy here is an electronic copy of the constitution's second amendment. Our forefathers gave their lives to create this paper that they believed would protect us from ever being controlled by tyranny. If you do not need any more convincing, then please, when any vote appears regarding the second amendment, say yes to the constitution, and vote no to gun control. Give the individual their right, given to them by this document, that ensures our freedom. If you would like to join this cause, feel free to become a member of the NRA (National Rifle Association). The first link will take you to their official website.

Celeb Endorsement

Peyton Manning is a huge celebrity figure. He is known nation wide, probably world-wide. He plays football for the Indianapolis Colts. He is a 6-5 230 Quarter Back who is from Tenn. He is in many different commercials because of the goofiness he portrays. He has a southern accent and with his goofy comb over gets many good reviews.
In this blog I am going to talk about one of the things Peyton endorses. In a commercial Peyton is walking down the hall with his family. The hall is a hall in the ESPN building. Some announcers are showing the Manning family around the building showing them all kinds of different rooms and stuff. While in the back Peyton and his brother Eli are teasing each other like little boys do.
This commercial is very funny and most likely helps ESPN. Peyton Manning is well worthy of endorsing this company because he is a huge sports figure. He is always on ESPN for his highlights or great play. He is goofy enough and down to earth enough to play the type of role he did in the commercial. So i believe that Peyton is capable of making an endorsement like this.


In the article Gun Control they talk about keeping guns to only federal measures. What that means is that they only want to put guns in the hands of government officials(police, military,etc.). They want to only let the regular citizens be able to have one hand firearm. Unless you have a hunting licenses they would make sure that if you had a firearm it would be a small handgun that wouldnt be able to do nearly as much damage, say as a sniper would because the person could hideout and continue doing it. I think this article has some great arguements. I think if you only let regular citizens have just one firearm as oppose to unlimited, then you will have a safer house and enviroment. Although it is going against our 2nd amendment, which is the one thing holding it back
In the article Against Gun Control it is clearly against gun control. They believe in the 2nd amendment. It states that people have the right to keep and beararms. They believe that because this is against the 2nd amendment, we would be going against our own constitution. This article also believes that even if you make gun laws, there will still be violence in the street and possibly even more. I think there are very valid points in the article. I don't know if the violence would stay up with there being more gun laws. But I do agree when they talk about the 2nd amendment and going against it.

Special "K"

The health claim I am going to talk about is the Kellogg’s Special K “Challenge” health claim. Kellogg has an advertisement campaign that claims by eating their product a person can lose six pounds in two weeks. The company gives out a detailed plan for how to lose the weight. Kellogg states that simply by replacing two or your three meals a day with a Kellogg Special K meal and complement that with two snacks throughout the day then a person will lose six pounds within two weeks. I think that this challenge has some benefits and may be true. I think that for the most part it is a hoax though. The fact that this program isn’t even used for a long term effect, meaning you will lose the six pounds, but gain them back eventually.
In the Article Can Eating Special K Cereal Really Help You Lose Weight? It asks if the special K diet is even healthy. They talk about how Special K is highly processed cereal which means that the fiber is taken out of the whole meal. With little fiber the carbs are digested quickly by other things which leaves us hungry and low on energy. So as this diet may help us lose weight, we will not have nearly as much energy and we will be hungry all the time.
In another article called The Special K Challenge: Does it Work? It talks about how this program should work, but there would be many downsides to this. The serving of cereal is not enough for you. After eating it most of the time you will still be very hungry. It is also a low protein diet and high in sugar and carbs which will once again give you a sugar crash. What I have found is this six pounds in two weeks may be true, but it won’t be a permanent thing and isn’t good for your energy.