Monday, November 9, 2009

Magic Man

My demonstrative speech had many flaws throughout the speech. The most important flaw in my speech is the fact that I am nervous to speak in front of people. My voice along with tone was not consistent and showed this nervousness. A way to improve this down fall would be to practice my speech in front of an audience instead of practicing it alone. My introduction was alright, it was just a little short and i could have improved on making a more intense and attracting statement. My visual aid was a deck of cards which I needed to do my entire speech. The content of my speech was good. I shared all necessary information to the audience. It is difficult to teach the audience how to perform a trick without showing them personally. Physical contact would be required to more effectively show the individual how to use the proper technique. My poise was not the best, but it was one of my stronger areas. I shifted from side to side and moved my arms a lot. But i don't think that was all bad. the hand motions were helpful to get points across. I had good eye contact which is surprising giving the level of nervousness. All in all though, i thought my topic was entertaining. I believe the class enjoyed learning how to do a card trick that seems like magic. If I were to do this speech again I would bring a deck of cards for each person so that they could do it at the same time that I was teaching them.

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