Friday, December 18, 2009

Celeb Endorsement

Peyton Manning is a huge celebrity figure. He is known nation wide, probably world-wide. He plays football for the Indianapolis Colts. He is a 6-5 230 Quarter Back who is from Tenn. He is in many different commercials because of the goofiness he portrays. He has a southern accent and with his goofy comb over gets many good reviews.
In this blog I am going to talk about one of the things Peyton endorses. In a commercial Peyton is walking down the hall with his family. The hall is a hall in the ESPN building. Some announcers are showing the Manning family around the building showing them all kinds of different rooms and stuff. While in the back Peyton and his brother Eli are teasing each other like little boys do.
This commercial is very funny and most likely helps ESPN. Peyton Manning is well worthy of endorsing this company because he is a huge sports figure. He is always on ESPN for his highlights or great play. He is goofy enough and down to earth enough to play the type of role he did in the commercial. So i believe that Peyton is capable of making an endorsement like this.

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