Friday, December 18, 2009


In the article Gun Control they talk about keeping guns to only federal measures. What that means is that they only want to put guns in the hands of government officials(police, military,etc.). They want to only let the regular citizens be able to have one hand firearm. Unless you have a hunting licenses they would make sure that if you had a firearm it would be a small handgun that wouldnt be able to do nearly as much damage, say as a sniper would because the person could hideout and continue doing it. I think this article has some great arguements. I think if you only let regular citizens have just one firearm as oppose to unlimited, then you will have a safer house and enviroment. Although it is going against our 2nd amendment, which is the one thing holding it back
In the article Against Gun Control it is clearly against gun control. They believe in the 2nd amendment. It states that people have the right to keep and beararms. They believe that because this is against the 2nd amendment, we would be going against our own constitution. This article also believes that even if you make gun laws, there will still be violence in the street and possibly even more. I think there are very valid points in the article. I don't know if the violence would stay up with there being more gun laws. But I do agree when they talk about the 2nd amendment and going against it.

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